Inside the ISC

We do get requests from various people to visit the ISC from time to time. Now due to the highly secretive nature of our work, we are not able to release the exact location of our secret underground datacenter. We do actually have two, on oposite sides of the solar system.

For the first time, we have some exclusive pictures. Pedro already posted a couple pictures of the handlers themselves. You will never see more then 1/3 of us in one location, so we will have to break it down into several shots to get them all.

Here is a picture of the main control room in our backup datacenter

We do keep it fully sealed during operating hours. Thanks for Marc to get us the picture out. The center is guarded by an orange smurf army, which can not be seen in these pictures for security reasons, and because this is a black and white photograph.

Of course security has to be very tight during shift changes. The next picture shows handler Cory entering the secret underground lair to begin his 24 hr shift

Now I have frequently pointed out that handlers are selected to be as diverse as possible (which is different from 'subversive' which has been suggested at times as well). While most people realize that we do pick handlers from various industries and countries, we do also consider other species. Here is handler Bill:

There are many other little known secrets about our handler team. For example, we communicate using carefully misspelled messages. The "typos" generate a signature unique to each handler. We do like to rack mount equipment and paint things orange. Part of being a handler is a fiber optic implant. We don't actually use it for anything. But it is a great conversation piece in bars. Our big switch to turn off the Internet is not a knife-switch as frequently rumored, but a red button. You do need not only two finger prints, but also an actual thumb to operate it (the thumb is left behind in the system to provide later authentication).